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We are happy to announce a new participation as exhibitor at the most important event of the year for UK Private Hire & Taxi, which is going to take place at Arena MK in Milton Keynes, from 12th to 13th of June.  Visit us at Stand 37.

Insoftdev is focused on transport technology and we have several projects in this area starting with Smart2Car which is a complete management platform for Taxi/Private hire and shuttle businesses
The system is a cloud based one and can be accessed from any device with internet connection in any part of the world. It comprises:

  • a back-office management app -for your operators/admin ( you have access and you can manage here your complete list of bookings, numerous reports on company’s activity and income, you can use auto dispatch for your jobs or just manual dispatch, you can track your drivers at any time , you can set up prices for your bookings based on different criteria, you can generate automatic invoices when requested, you have a complete list of divers, their schedule and their documents including expiration time notifications; there are 6 payment gateways integrated for online payment and many other functionalities that can help a company grow)
  • a web-booker engine integrated in your website -from where your clients can book online in no
  • drivers apps in IOS and Android
  • branded clients apps in IOS and Android