Dear friend,

Year 2022 was a great year in terms of challenges and many product development achieved for INSOFTDEV and we want to thank  you all:

  • Our collaborators, because you’ve made a very good decision by using our services; we promise to continue to serve your business helping to continue to grow and achieve new goals in 2023 and beyond.
  • Our competitors, because you helped us to  become much better.
  • Our  potential clients, because you’ll find in us a reliable and a long run partner that provides you the innovation to stand out of the crowd.

About SmartCar,

Enterprise Management Platform for Passenger Transportation will celebrate in 2023,  8 years since the first version was released to market.

Our smart booking and dispatch solution that empowering Taxi, Chauffeurs, limo, Coach  and Private Hire companies has grown step by step to become today probably one of the most complete solution from the industry.

We are proud to continue to be an independent company serving our partners.

Some of the major events for SmartCar  and INSOFTDEV been flagged into 2022 imply:

  • Switch to become an Enterprise solution addressing all companies and organisations operating fleets for Passenger transportation
  • Focus on delivering  solutions targeting smart cities
  • Transforming INSOFTDEV into a Technology Innovation Center for Taxi Industry
  • New V3 design for the White label Customer app
  • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory
    Integration with Amazon S3 and Amazon Connect
  • Integration with Google Cloud
  • Presence to major UE events targeting the specific industry events and the Smart Cities  such as PHTM in London, IoT World Congress in Barcelona, Smart City World Congress in Barcelona .
  • Acquiring clients migrating or selecting our services well known service providers like Autocab, iCabbi.
  • Opening new markets and major partnerships in Asia and South Africa.

Some of the 2022 SmartCar Numbers includes:

  • 2,356 days since first version of SmartCar been released
  • 48.4 % of the bookings been created from web and mobile devices
  • 2,726,546   passengers used our solutions to book and travel safety
  • 2,390,057 processed bookings from which 75% prebook (80% increase from 2021)
  • £39,240,805.02 worth value of the bookings on UK territory
  • 4 major releases for Backoffice application, 3 for eBooker Alpha and Omega, 8 for driver apps,  4 for Customer white label apps and 1 for KioskDesk Alpha & Omega
  • 134 new features & improvements have been introduced
  • 71% from all bookings been non cash (accounts and card)