Autonomous Mobility Ecosystem
A powerful software built for carShare & carRental businesses







 Manage your whole business operation online, including fleet management, customer management, communications and  marketing campaigns.

 SmartCar Ride enables you to oversee and manage all business operations from one access point effectively and efficiently. It has been designed in-house the Innovation Center, based on experiences from many mobility business experts to make sure you have all the features needed for your car sharing and car rental business to run smoothly.

Artificial Intelligence Driven Algorithms

Driving Forward Urban Mobility Worldwide
  • All-in-one platform for vehicle sharing
  • Manage car maintenance operations and history.
  • Keyless - Remote car access via smartphone app
  • Vehicle on-board information collector

Customer Management

Manage all your customers in one integrated SaasS system.

  • Manage your customer acquisition, registration and document verification.
  • Manage billing and invoicing for individual customers
  • Manage individual and group customer profiles and their attributes.

Native apps - Android and iOS

Billing Module

Manage billing and invoicing from SmartCar Ride
  • Manage all billing and invoicing operations effortlessly.
  • Assign automatic billing and invoicing rules.
  • Manage customer credit and support corporate split billing for business customers.
  • Integrate numerous payment methods and platforms supported by SmartCar Ride

Marketing & Demand Management

Run promotion campaigns and delight your users.

  • Reward your users for their loyalty with bonuses for a free or discounted ride.
  • Understand mobility patterns, analyze demands across multiple channels, track and optimize revenues.
  • Anticipate end-user demand and accelerate custom acquisition
  • Use various communication channels to run your marketing campaigns.
  • Utilize our dynamic pricing engine to diversify fees for your services across various customer groups and vehicles.

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