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We work closely with you to understand the organisation challenges, the demands the market is making on your organisation, predict the trends and design, build, operate and support the secure scalable platforms to get a competitive advantage in the areas they operate


Artificial Intelligence Systems

Tools designed to retrieve, analyzing, transform and report business data

  • Build tools and advanced algorithms for machine learning to evolve and predict the output
  • Advanced data analyse and behavior prediction
  • Build intelligent applications from scratch with the help of Machine and deep learning capabilities
  • Cloud and on-premises deployment
  • TRL9 validated cloud mobility ecosystem

Business Processes Automation

Ensure successful process management
  • Automated workflows - accelerate the processes, while reducing misscommunications and delays
  • Process intelligence - provide enterprise-grade analysis on a large scale
  • Streamlined processes - eliminate wasteful activities and focus on enhancing tasks that add value
  • Allow automation of the high-volume and time sensitive nature tasks
  • Scalable - enable to expand the automation strategy as the business needs grow and change

Business Intelligence Data

Tools designed to retrieve, analyzing, transform and report business data

  • Interactive reports and executive dashboard - real time overview of the business
  • Geospatial Mapping and Operational Reports
  • Open API and 3rd party integrations
  • Cloud based and mobile ready
  • Real-time data feeds
Business Intelligence Data

Internet of Things (IoT)

Bridging the gap between the physical and virtual worlds
  • Connectivity solutions within the IoT technology stack
  • Sensors, device command & control, data presentation, analysis, aggregation
  • Artificial Intelligence & Active engagements
  • Health-care, Transport, Smart Cities, Smart buildings, Consumers, Environment, Agriculture

Intelligent Decision Making Support

Supports organizational decision-making and businesses activities

  • Adaptable and flexible with a high level of interactivity
  • Web cloud-based platform allowing the users to connect from anywhere, at anytime.
  • Improve the accuracy, timelines, quality and overall effectiveness of a specific decision
  • Enable the business executives to take the efficient, effective and economic decisions
  • Robust Tools and applications to report, monitor and analyze the data
Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning

Power to control your business operations, models and processes in Cloud
  • Finance and accounting platform
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Income and expenses management
  • KPI Management
  • Inventory, Logistics, Planning, Payment, Order management
  • Enterprise architecture and security

Real-time notification systems

Easy scale with your business

  • Custom triggered notification at predefined events
  • Email, SMS, on screen, and push notifications in real-time.
  • Push Notification Analytics
  • In-app messages, geo-location tracking, IoT device control
  • Open API and 3rd party integrations

Document Management Systems

Generate, store, track and manage documents
  • Centralized document management - processing, searching, security and work-flow automation
  • Cloud access - save time, instant access to documents
  • Collaborative portal between company and clients
  • Templates and customization


Complete payment platforms engineered for growth

  • Flexible billing and payments gateways, management and reporting features.
  • Set up a marketplace, accept payments, fully integrated, support online and in-person payments
  • Billing, automated invoices, customizable templates
  • Web and mobile support
  • Billing API - Rest and SDK
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Remote Monitoring and Tracking

Health-care, Transportation, People and Assets
  • Health-care - monitoring patients, alert systems with GPS
  • Electronic monitoring of offenders, help probation and parole officers
  • Smart Cities applications
  • Logistic intelligence

Fleet & Telematics

Empowering Taxi, Chauffeur, Coach & Tour Operators

  • Solutions for the management and operations of companies transporting passengers.
  • Mobile solutions for customers and in-the-vehicle
  • Smart Physical and virtual kiosks
  • Business operations up to 100%
  • Cloud based Dispatch and Reservation Systems
INSOFTDEV - Solutions for Smart Transportation

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