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How to create/manage the price rules

   Creating a price rule is a complex and important procedure when managing your price system. To create a price rule, click the “Price Management” option in the “System” sub-menu (fig. 1). Once you are on the “Price Management” page, you will notice a list with price rules on the left side of the page. Above the list, there are two inputs asking for the price rule name and its type (Per Vehicle, Per Hour, Delivery) but also a “Add price rule” button (fig. 2). Complete the fields with the required information then click the “Add price rule” button. After creating the rule, on the right side of the screen will pop-up a list with different types of charges. Configure your rule according to the instructions provided in the video then click the “SAVE” button (fig. 3). Keep in mind that the “Base price” is of two types (“Zone fixed price” and “Distance charge”) on which you can add “Extras” (“Car type charge”, “Zone charge”, “Exception price”, “Exception Price Time Frame”).

Fig. 1 - Price Management option
INSOFTDEV Price rules management
Fig. 2 - Price rule list
Fig. 3 - Price rule charges

If you want to edit or delete a price rule, use the buttons from the “Action” column. Hover over the buttons to find out their functionalities.