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How to create/manage the price plot zones

   Companies can organize their activity in plot zones. To create a plot zone, first you have to click on the “Price Management” option in the “System” sub-menu (fig. 1). After that, click on the “Plot Zones” option in the page sub-menu (fig. 2). The “Plot Zone” page is formed out of two main areas. The “Zones” list on the left and the “Zones on map” which displays all the plot zones in the list drawn on the map.

 If you want to create a new plot zone, you have to click the “Start to draw” button on the top-middle of the map area. After you click it, you will be given instruction on how to write the plot zones on the left of the page (fig. 3). The moment you have closed your plot zone according to the instructions, you will be shown a window that configures the plot zones (add its priority, name or description). When you have finished completing the fields, click the “Save” button (fig. 4). Now, you will be able to see your plot zone on the map.

In order to edit or delete an existing plot zone, use the buttons from the “Actions” column. Hover over them to see their functionalities. 

Fig. 1 - Price Management option
INSOFTDEV Dispatch Plot zones
Fig. 2 - Plot Zones option
Fig. 4 - Plot zone inputs

For more details about how you can create and manage the plot zones, feel free to watch the video below.

Fig. 3 - Plot Zones drawing instructions