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How to setup the dispatching rules – automatic

Dispatching rules can be deployed manually or automatically. In order to perform this action automatically, you first have to access the “Dispatcher Management” option in the “System” sub-menu (fig. 1). To use the automatic dispatching engine, you have to make sure the “Enable Automatic Dispatching Engine” button is activated (fig. 2). The “Dispatcher rules calendar” area on the “Dispatcher Management” page holds all the rules  for every day of the week (fig. 3).  If you want to add a new rule to the automatic dispatching system, press the “ADD NEW RULE” button. Clicking this button will reveal a window in which you can configure your rule (fig. 4). You can perform checks on drivers by checking the fields you desire, apply the rule to drivers with certain car types, sort them by some parameters, set the time before the booking is dispatched. Be aware that you will not be able to save the rule until you apply it for a day of the week. Make sure you have clicked the “Save” button to add your new rule. 

After pressing the “Save” button, the new rule will be added in the calendar from fig. 3, therefore, the system will automatically trigger the rules in your selected time frame. 

Fig. 1 - Dispatcher Management option
Fig. 2 - Automatic Dispatching Engine button activated
Fig. 3 - Automatic Dispatching rules calendar
INSOFTDEV Automated Dispatch
Fig. 4 - "Add rule" window