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How to manage the drivers and vehicles documents

   It is important to make sure that the drivers and vehicles documents are up to date. The Backoffice applications provides a way to manage the documents. To view the drivers’ documents you first have to click on the “Drivers” option in the menu. The “Drivers” page main body is a list containing every driver registered in the system. After you have chosen the driver that interests you, enter his profile by double clicking on his row in the list or by clicking the “Manage this driver” button in the “Actions” column. (fig.1). On his profile, in the documents section, you will see a red icon with an exclamation mark if the document is expired (fig. 2) and a blue icon with an exclamation mark if the document is about to expire (fig. 3). If you want to upload the document from your computer, you can do it by interacting with the input labelled “…document” (fig. 4).

Fig. 1 - Driver "Actions" column

  Managing the vehicle documents works with the same system as managing the driver documents. To get to the vehicles you can either click the “Fleet Management” in the “System” sub-menu or use the “Fleet Management” hyperlink on the “Drivers” page. Once you are there, enter a car’s profile and you will notice the same icons if the document are expired or about to expire. (fig. 5)

Fig. 2 - "Document expired" icon
Fig. 3 - "Document about to expire" icon
Fig. 4 - Driver documents
Fig. 5 - Vehicle documents