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How to manage vehicles assignments to drivers

   Assigning a vehicle to a driver is a simple yet important procedure when managing your fleet. First, you have to click on the “Drivers” option in the menu. The “Drivers” page main body is a list containing every driver registered in the system. You can easily spot what driver does not have a car assigned to him by checking the “CARS” column in the list. After you have chosen the driver you want to assign a vehicle to, enter his profile by double clicking on his row in the list or by clicking the “Manage this driver” button in the “Actions” column. (fig.1

Fig. 1 - "CARS" and "ACTIONS" columns

   The profile section is separated in two pages: “Details” which contains information about the driver (the default) and “Vehicles” which contains the drivers’ vehicle history. Click the “Vehicles” button on the top of the profile page. In the “Vehicles” page you will notice first a list and on the top left of the list, two buttons “All” (which shows all the cars that were or will be assigned to the driver) and “Today” (which shows the cars assigned to the driver today). To create a new assignment, click the “Assign a vehicle to the driver” button (fig. 2).

INSOFTDEV Dispatch System Vehicles assignment
Fig. 2 - Vehicles profile section

Once you have clicked the button, a window will pop-up on your screen, where you will have to select the car you want to assign to the driver and the timeframe (fig. 3). After you have completed all the required information, press the “SAVE” button. The assignment will now be added in the drivers’ list. To edit or delete the assignment, use the buttons from the “Actions” column in the list. (fig. 4) 

Fig. 4 - Vehicle assignment in the drivers' list
assign driver to car window
Fig. 3 - "Assign car to driver" window