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October 2023 – Backoffice application

Release notes for the Backoffice app on October 18th.

Introducing the latest version of our Backoffice App!

We have been working hard to bring you some exciting new features and improvements that will make your experience even better. In this release, we have focused on enhancing the user experience, tracking and payments features.

This article covers the latest updates for Backoffice Web application developed as of October18th, 2023, aimed at the general audience.  

New Features

  • [SCW-160] Booking – Drivers licensing : Now limit the number of drivers displayed in the driver allocation list for better manageability and efficiency. The feature allows you to be compliant with TfL driver licensing as well.
  • [SCBE-49] Booking Limit: Introducing a new feature to limit the number of bookings for a client over a month, enhancing control over booking management.
  • [SCBE-50] Integration with A new feature for real-time driver location events has been added, expanding our integration capabilities.


  • [SCW-162] Booking Process Enhancement: When creating a new booking with a return, the cash field will no longer be populated if the payment method is a bank transfer or card.
  • [SCBE-47] CallerID Service Upgrade: We have updated the service for CallerID, improving reliability and performance.
  • [SCBE-52] Communication Enhancement: Improved the chat functionality between passengers and drivers through push notifications for a more seamless and efficient communication experience.


  • [SCW-161] CallerID Issue Resolved: Fixed an issue where no bookings were listed even when there were relevant bookings for the client calling.
  • [SCW-163] Driver Tracking Stability: Resolved an issue where the map would automatically zoom out when tracking a driver and zooming in.
  • [SCBE-48] Sharenetwork Booking Consistency: Fixed an issue in the child company where the vehicle type capacity for a booking from the share network is now matched with the father’s passenger_number instead of the car_seats_number field.

We always strive to provide the best experience and value your feedback. Please let us know how these updates work for you!