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August 2023 – eBookers apps

Release notes for the eBookers app on August 30th.

Introducing the latest version of our eBookers App! We have been working hard to bring you some exciting new features and improvements that will make your experience even better. In this release, we have focused on enhancing the user experience and bookings features.
This article covers the latest updates for eBookers applications (Alpha/V1 and Omega/V2) developed as of August 30th, 2023, aimed at the general audience.  Let’s take a closer look at what’s new.


  • [SCEA-35] – Enhanced eBooker V2 to include the passenger number selection as a standard step in the booking process.
  • [SCEA-41] – Improved the display and content of booking confirmation popups in eBookers when the payment method is a card.
  • [SCEA-48] – Updated price call methods in eBooker V1 & V2 based on the SCBE-27 implementation.
  • [SCEA-50] – Integrated updated translation strings.
  • [SCEA-51]:Streamlined the card payment process in Webbookers to make it a single step.
    • Adjusted the BookingCharge.authorized_amount value when booking is charged using Card – Stripe, considering specific settings.
    • Enhanced the payment step in webBookers by adding a delay and confirmation popup.
  • [SCEA-52] – Added the Standalone feature to webBooker V2.

Bug Fixes:

  • [SCEA-32] – Resolved an issue in eBooker V2 where the system didn’t return any price in specific scenarios. Users would experience a constant loading screen and an error Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘total_journey’) in the console.
  • [SCEA-33] – Fixed time interval loading issue for new bookings in eBookers V1/V2 according to the price rule settings.
  • [SCEA-34] – Addressed issues in eBookerV2 with the “Addons- webbooker” and “Click to search” functions. The search was not returning results, and the button layout was incorrect.
  • [SCEA-42] – Resolved a booking error in eBooker V1 when users attempt a booking with a return.
  • [SCEA-43] – Addressed a mobile-related issue in eBooker V2 where selecting Stripe and pressing continue had no effect.
  • [SCEA-44]:Fixed an inconsistency in eBooker 1 where the wallet section appeared for logged-in users even when disabled from the Backoffice.
    • Fixed untranslated strings and main menu disappearance in the Wallet section for some companies.
    • Addressed the issue of the Vouchers section not being displayed in V2.
    • Improved layout by adjusting the width of the divs.
  • [SCEA-53]:Resolved the missing driver tip field in WebBookers even when enabled.
    • Addressed a problem where the confirm button remained disabled until passenger details were completed despite the setting being disabled.
  • [SCEA-54]:Improved webBooker layout for the motto display.
    • Enhanced the user experience by adding Register and Login links for credit card payments for non-logged users.
    • Addressed a UI resizing issue for logged users in eBookerV2.
  • [SCEO-26] – Fixed multiple issues in eBooker V2: continuous loading on pressing Next, uppercase emails not being recognized as valid, and unwanted display of baby seat in the 2nd step.