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October 2023 – Driver app

Release notes for the Driver app on October 25th.

We are pleased to present the latest updates to our Driver App. This release focuses on enhancing the overall functionality and user experience with new features, improvements, and critical bug fixes.

New Features

  • [SCD-79] Integration: Enhanced interaction with by enabling the app to send driver location details back to


  • [SCD-80] Compliance Enhancements: Updated the app to comply with frequent changes imposed by Apple and Google in the PlayStore and AppStore.
  • [SCD-82] Booking Statuses Interface: Improved the visual aspects of booking statuses by changing background colors and ensuring synchronization with the booking status.
  • [SCD-84] Job Cancellation Handling: Implemented improvements in handling job cancellations to provide a smoother experience.
  • [SCD-85] Profile and Document Management: Enhanced the ‘My Profile’ and ‘Documents’ sections for better usability and functionality.
  • [SCD-87] Parking Fee Feature: Added a new feature to handle parking fees more efficiently, including an updated document upload route.
  • [SCD-90] and Job History: Improved the integration with for handling ‘no show’ cancellations and fixed an issue where selecting a cancelled ‘no show’ job would open a blank window.

Bug Fixes

  • [SCD-77] Payment Issue with Stripe: Resolved a problem where, if the card could not be charged at the end of a trip, the amount remained in Card instead of changing to Cash.
  • [SCD-78] Cancellation Issue: Fixed the ‘No show’ cancellation feature, which was not functioning correctly.
  • [SCD-81] Performance Stability: Addressed low performance issues in both Android and iOS when handling many jobs in BID, reducing slowness and app crashes.
  • [SCD-83] Map Display on Android and iOS: Fixed a bug causing the app to crash when showing bookings on the map/zone.
  • [SCD-88] Voucher Error: Corrected an error that occurred when drivers added a valid voucher for a trip.
  • [SCD-89] Waiting Time Bug on iOS: Fixed an issue where the automatic waiting time continued running even after the vehicle started moving.