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How to create/manage the driver

   Creating a new driver is a simple yet important procedure in managing the fleet. In order to create a new driver, first you have to click the “Drivers” option in the application’s menu. The “Drivers” page is practically a large list containing every driver registered in the system. To create a new driver, click the “ADD NEW DRIVER” button located on the top-right of the page (fig. 1). Once you have done so, a window will pop-up on your screen containing inputs you must complete. Keep in mind that the inputs with red border are considered mandatory. The window is separated in three main fields “Basic information”, “Advanced information” and “Credentials for authentication”. (fig. 2)

Fig. 1 - "ADD DRIVER" button
Fig. 2 - Driver details window

   Like when adding a vehicle, you can modify the inputs in the “Advanced information” area by changing the template in the “Driver category” input and then click the “Load template” button. The generated fields contain information about the driver’s documents plus the possibility to upload them directly from your computer. Once you have finished completing the fields, click the “SAVE DRIVER” button.  

   In order to edit or delete a driver, first you have to find him in the list. You can use the filters to help you find the driver easier. Once you have found the driver, go to the “Actions” column. You can find the edit and delete buttons there. Hover the buttons to see their functions. (fig. 3)

Fig. 3 - Driver action buttons