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How to create/manage the drivers category-templates

   Creating a driver category template is a simple yet important procedure when managing your fleet. To access this feature you will first have to click the “Drivers” option in the menu. After that, click the “Category Templates” option in the page’s sub-menu (fig. 1). Make sure you are on the “Driver Category” page not “Vehicle Category”. Once you are on the right page, click the “NEW DRIVER CATEGORY” button (fig. 2). 

Fig. 1 - "Category Templates" option
Fig. 2 - "NEW DRIVER CATEGORY" button

The moment you click the button, a window will pop-up on your screen containing inputs you have to complete in order to create a new template (add template’s name, description and choose its fields) (fig. 3). You can create new fields on the “Driver custom field” page.

Fig. 3 - Driver template window

Once you have finished configuring your template click the “SAVE TEMPLATE” button. To edit or delete your template go to the “Actions” column in the template list and use the buttons depending on the action you want to perform on the template.

Fig. 4 - Template action buttons