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Dear friends,

Year 2017 was a great year in terms of challenges and new projects for INSOFTDEV and we want to thank you all:
– Our collaborators, because you’ve selected and running our services.
– Our competitors, because you helped us to improve.
– Our potential clients, because you’ll find in us a long term partner with reliable services and professional team.

Smart2Car – Complete Management solution for Ground Transportation
Our smart booking and dispatch solution dedicated to taxi, limo and Private Hire companies has evolved step by step to become today one of the most complete solutions from the industry. Some of the major improvements of Smart2Car that have been added in 2017 imply:
It has become the first global platform for Ground Transportation management, by integrating solutions for on-demand private, shuttle, medical transportation along with goods deliveries.

Extending the online and credit card gateways with 3 new ones – Stripe, WorlPay, Mauritius Commercial Bank;by now we’re pride to support worldwide 8 different payment gateways.

Extensive business intelligence data support.
Presence to major UE exhibitions targeting the Software and Transportation industries (Hanover-Germany, Antwerp-Belgium, Utrecht-Nederlands, Barcelona-Spain).

Acquiring clients migrating or selecting us against the industry leaders such as Autocab, iCabbi.
The development of a brand-new bespoke Management system for Medical Transportation targeting US market.

The development of a brand-new bespoke Management system for goods deliveries targeting Asian market.

Smart2Car 2017 Figures:
896 days since Smart2Car was released.

28,8 % of the bookings been done from web and mobile devices.

113,569 processed end clients.

340,319 passengers on board.

421,303 processed bookings.

913,234 code lines have been written.

1,402 new features & improvements have been introduced.

20,489 booking been processed by our online and mobile payments engine.

156 internal meetings and thousands of coffees and 20 team buildings.

For all these achievements that are not only ours to celebrate but also yours, we want to thank you all,

Warm Regards, INSOFTDEV Team