1. Definitions:

  • Sender company – the company/organization that sending a job into Partner Network.
  • Processor company – the company/organization that confirm to process a job from partner network.

2. Terms of services between partners:

  • In case of delays, we strongly recommend the processor company to inform the sender company.
  • In case a job can not be processed by the accepting company, we recommend to notify the sender company.
  • Between partners there must be in place a gentleman agreement:
    • Drivers from one partner must/shall not  migrate to partners from network.
    • Partners shall not accept direct bookings requests from other partner companies clients.

3.  How will be done the payments of the jobs been processed?

We do recommend to be done  on a weekly basis as bellow:

  • The processor company invoice the sender company by by running a Client statement report  and selected client(sender company) from Utilities – Clients Statements
  • The sender company  can keep a record of  the expenses linked to a processor company  under Backoffice  – Driver Statement& Accounting report
  • Both partners must check the accuracy of the issues and received invoices.

4. INSOFTDEV system allows to change the bookings statuses automatically on both ends.

  • E.g.: on the sender company, the booking status sent to network is updated automatically,so you’ll know in real-time it’s status
  • For any issue related to this process we do strong recommend to get in contact direct with the other partner; We take also responsibility to take process your requests to the other partners and mediate it.