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Dispatcher page

Fig. 1 - Booker

  The “Dispatcher” page has multiple functions. Putting aside the obvious one, which is dispatching bookings to drivers, you can create new bookings, keep track of the drivers’ activity and monitor the bookings based on the jobs’ state (to dispatch, preallocated, in progress, done, cancelled). The page is separated in three main sections: Booker (fig. 1), Activity (fig. 2) and Dispatcher (fig. 3). 

   If you are interested in displaying only certain main sections, you can toggle them on/off from the bar at the top of the page. Alongside them you will find a button which changes the theme, a legend and two buttons bound to the “Activity” zone that changes the view type from table (which is the default) to map.

Fig. 2 - Activity zone
Fig. 3 - Dispatcher zone