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Audit page

Fig. 1 - Report type

   The “Audit” page is there to generate reports containing detailed information, depending on the type of report you choose to create. To access it, simply click on the “Audit” option in the application’s menu. Initially, you will see nothing else but a filter bar. Depending on the type of report (fig. 1), the filters will change, just to help you refine your search. 

   After you have selected the report type you wish to generate, complete the filters and click the “GENERATE” button. Once you have done so, a table will pop up with the data you have requested. 

Fig. 2 - Audit filters and button
INSOFTDEV Dispatch System - Audit
Fig. 3 - Generated audit table

   The table’s columns showcase valuable information about the data you have requested. For instance, at fig. 3 we have generated a booking type audit. The “Action” column displays the action performed on that particular booking (create, update), the “Role” columns shows the role of the user (which we have blurred for privacy reasons) who performed the action on the booking. The most relevant information can be seen in the “Details” column, where you can see all the modifications done on the booking during each action. (fig. 4)

Fig. 4 - Details column

  In fig. 4, the status of the booking was changed by the user from DOW (driver on the way) to DAP (driver at point).