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How to create/manage the vehicle types

   Creating a new car type is a simple yet important procedure when managing the fleet. First of all, you have to click the “Fleet Management” option in the “System” sub-menu (fig. 1). The page in structured in two main list-type parts. First, you have the “Car types” list and then you have the “List of cars”

   To add a new car type, simply press the “ADD CAR TYPE” button (fig. 2). The moment you have done so, a window will pop up on your screen containing inputs that you have to complete in order to add the new car type (fig. 3). Keep in mind that the inputs with red border are mandatory, meaning that you will not be able to save the car type without that specific information.

Fig. 1 - Fleet Management option

   After completing the mandatory fields, you can check whether the car type is active or inactive, choose if the car can add baby seats to the vehicle (by completing the last input) or not, add a picture suggestive for the vehicle type and maybe a description (e. g. with car models that fit the category). When you are satisfied with the information you have entered, click the “SAVE” button.

Fig. 3 - Car type field
INSOFTDEV Vehicle Type
Fig. 2 - "ADD CAR TYPE" button

If you want to edit or delete a car type, find it in the car type list, then click one of the two buttons inside the card. (fig. 4)

Fig. 4 - Car type buttons