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Setup Caller ID (VOIP) & INSOFTDEV Cloud

To setup CallerID feature into your system follow bellow steps:

1. Download and install MicroSIP-3.X.X.exe for Windows
2. Cotnact us to provide you the second needed file – voip_incoming_calls.vbs to be placed locally on the computer from where you’ll be run the above Microsip application
3. Before opening for the first time the MicroSIP application, search for the configuration file (MicroSIP.ini) in its installation folder (usually in C:\Program Files (x86)\MicroSIP) and search for the following line: cmdIncomingCall= (if you couldn’t find the configuration file in its installation folder, use the search function to look for MicroSIP.ini. You can find it in C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\MicroSIP)
4. Replace with: cmdIncomingCall=D:\ voip_incoming_calls.vbs (if you placed it in D disk drive)
5. Open the MicroSIP application and add your VOIP SIP account details correctly.

6. If everything is done right, you’ll see a green message in bottom left side of Microsip
7. Make an outbound and inbound call for testing and confirm everything is ok.
8. If everything is well setup, in Backoffice, when someone calls your VOIP line there will be displayed the incoming call in the left side bar. From there you can check the caller details, history and make new bookings start from existent ones.