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February 2022 – eBooker – Alpha & Omega

📢 Exciting News! We’re thrilled to announce the latest release of our eBooker Alpha and eBooker Omega! 🚀 We’ve been hard at work to bring you some fantastic new features and enhancements that will elevate your booking experience. Check out what’s new:

🚖 Booking Management:

  • Optimized address searching to reduce internet traffic and usage
  • Support for per hour travel service
  • Enabled payment method field regardless of price generation
  • Fixed display issue with vehicle capacities in Step 2
  • Improved booking confirmation with a “Proceed to payment” option
  • Resolved card charge issue for Stripe gateway
  • Fixed layout issue with vehicle options in Step 2 for mobile devices
  • Introduced the ability to apply vouchers to bookings
  • Addressed freezing issue when selecting bookings with return
  • Enhanced warning messages for booking restrictions and insufficient wallet funds

✈️ Travel Services Management:

  • Added descriptive label in front of available services
  • Introduced a setting to enable/disable itinerary calculation for shuttle operations

⚡ System Performances:

  • Enhanced pricing engine API for improved price requests and processing

👥 Clients Management:

  • Redesigned account verification process for email and SMS confirmations
  • Introduced the top-up feature for Wallet payment method using Stripe gateway
  • Automatic login after successful client registration

🔧 General:

  • Disabled Chrome autocomplete on address searching fields to prevent confusion
  • Updated language support for all supported translations
  • Simplified management of baby seat options in eBookers dashboard

Upgrade to the latest versions of eBooker Alpha and eBooker Omega and enjoy a seamless booking experience. We’re committed to continuously improving our services to meet your needs. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and enhancements! #Insoftdev #eBookerAlpha #eBookerOmega #BookingManagement #Enhancements