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March 2022 – Passenger app

πŸ“’ Exciting News! We’re thrilled to announce the latest release of our Passenger App! πŸš€ We’ve been hard at work to bring you some fantastic new features and enhancements that will enhance your booking experience. Check out what’s new:

πŸš– Booking Management:

  • Fixed issues with ASAP and Later bookings
  • Improved display of driver details and rating stars
  • Enhanced route drawing on iOS iPad
  • Redesigned calendar picker for easy booking selection
  • Fixed app crash when driver changes booking status
  • Added flexibility for credit card charging based on booking status
  • Enforced time frame interval restrictions for bookings
  • Introduced optional details for more customized bookings
  • Improved address searching with the new UK-based provider

πŸ“ Driver Tracking Management:

  • Fixed status update issue during tracking mode
  • Enhanced estimation time of arrival based on selected vehicle type

πŸ’³ Payments System:

  • Redesigned card interface with support for multiple cards
  • Option to preauthorize card charges
  • Fixed issues related to voucher feature
  • Improved app performance and stability

πŸ”’ General:

  • Redesigned password recovery mechanism and interface
  • Added language selection options for user preference
  • Automated cancellation reasons for easier management
  • Introduced chat feature for seamless communication
  • Integrated Google Play in-app review functionality
  • Fixed app crash when using fingerprint authentication
  • Implemented performance improvements for a smoother experience
  • Updated language support and released new app versions
  • Fixed reported issues from PlayStore and AppStore analytics
  • Updated icons library for a fresh look
  • Redesigned account verification by email or SMS
  • Implemented new push notification system for accurate analytics

πŸ†• New Addons:

  • Tutorial guide for easy app navigation
  • Introducing Delivery service for your convenience
  • Wallet feature for secure payment management
  • Biometric authentication for added security
  • New service type: Price per hour

Upgrade to the latest version of our Passenger App and enjoy a seamless and enhanced booking experience. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and addons! #INSOFTDEV #TaxiDispatch #PassengerApp #BookingManagement #Enhancements