Bespoke and commercial off the shelf solutions for Taxi industry.

INSOFTDEV  has a clear focus into Transportation industry where we promote and continuously develop our branding SmartCar product, an unique and  complete cloud based platform for Taxi and convergent industries. It has been designed to help the businesses to  compete directly with on-demand, Uber like services. It can automate up to 100% from business operations helping to reduce the field personnel and increase the business efficiency.

On top of this, we’re using our expertise and the core engine of SmartCar to explore new challenging projects, deliver new ideas, build and deliver  the tomorrow’s businesses starting from our clients specifications.

Mainly, our services are addressing those companies who want to gain a competitive edge in their industries by investing in technology.

We’re a forward-thinking software company that likes to do things differently;

We believe in innovation.

We do provide ongoing support and assistance on the deliverable.