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Why us? Integrate the concept of automation into your business

"We believe our customers choose our cab service based on the following criteria: performance, superior service, quality, convenience"

INSOFTDEV mobility services are a game changer in an industry that grows continuously. Putting aside the qualities mentioned by the company’s director, one of the main attributes of our services is the flexibility. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we have demonstrated this aspect to our clients as we currently collaborate with companies from almost all the five continents. Therefore, we can adapt to the way people are doing business all across the world. 

The services the company offers are variate, answering to all the possible needs in matter of transport (feel free to visit our knowledge base to see how our applications work): 

  • Dispatching platform; 
  • Mobile applications for passengers and drivers;
  • Kiosk applications (two versions);
  • WebBookers (two versions);
One of the features we are mostly proud of is the concept of automation which we have integrated deeply in our applications system. Nowadays, automation in the transport industry as the demand is higher than ever, the web services took over the traditional dispatcher bookings and saving & organizing your time has become more and more important. This is an important idea that you need to consider. Not only you time as an unit is important, but the way your organize and invest it. Our company is more than happy to help you in this process and succeed together. The numbers also supports us, as last month we have dispatched automatically 90% of the total numbers of bookings. 


However, automation in a taxi industry refers only to the automatic dispatcher? Of course not! Not only are your booking managed automatically through the Backoffice application but the whole process of creating a booking is seriously reduced as the step in which the passenger is required to call the dispatcher or the call center is no longer necessary. How is this helping you in business? 

  • Expand your customer base;
  • Reduce vehicle idle-time & Reduce driver downtime and wasted fuel;
  • Reduce expenses related to staffing traditional call centers;
  • Provide pricing flexibility based on supply and demand;
  • Reduce driver churn by optimising driver performance and satisfaction;
  • Always stay in touch with retail and corporate customers;
  • Receive and dispatch multiple requests at the same time;
  • Increase booking capacity while reducing dispatcher headcount;
  • Centrally manage your full operations;
  • Gain control of your taxi fleet and enforce compliance with your policies and procedures;
  • Access your system anytime, anywhere over the Internet;
  • Drivers get accurate information of their payment details and driving efficiency; 
In conclusion, as the digitalization took over the main stream way of handling business operations, automation in the taxi industry has become a must have. Let us be your guide to the new era of taxi business and transform your business so you can maximize your profit and limit your effort as much as possible!

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