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Kiosk applications

   Kiosks are simple applications installed in different places around the city, designed to create a booking with haste. It is important to add that the application can also be accessed through mobile devices (phone, tablet). You can configure the kiosk applications from the Backoffice app. First, you have to access the “WebBooker Management” in the “System” sub-menu (fig. 1). The page has its own sub-menu (fig. 2). Click on the version of Kiosk you want to configure.  In order to create a new Kiosk application press the “ADD NEW KIOSK / KIOSK V2 APPLICATION” button from the top-right of the page. Clicking the button will reveal a window where you can configure your new application. The settings are much lighter comparing to the eBooker application because the Kiosk application is not designed to be complicated, but straightforward. However, you may notice differences between the settings of the two apps. This happens because the versions have different concepts that we will cover below. 

Fig. 2 - "WebBooker Management" menu
Fig. 1 - "WebBooker Management" option

Kiosk v.1

The first version of the Kiosk application (Alpha) is designed to create bookings fast and pay the driver directly. This is why you cannot configure the payment method from the settings and after finishing creating the booking you do not have to pay instantly and you get a “Success” message. On the first page of the application you have to select the pick up and drop off points, the number of passengers and the number of cars, plus the type of car. There are different prices based on the car type you choose. Once you have added the information, click the car item that interests you (fig. 3). On the next page, you have to select the date and time of your booking (from the settings, you can also configure the ASAP option). In the last page, you have to fill in the passenger details. After you have done so, click the “ORDER NOW” button. Clicking the button will reveal a “Success” message that will tell you the booking is now confirmed and registered in the system.

INSOFTDEV Dispatch -Kiosk
Fig. 3 - "Book now" button

Kiosk v.2

The second version of the Kiosk application (Omega) is designed to create the booking fast and pay directly to the kiosk. Different to the Kiosk v.1 settings, you have the option to select the methods of payment plus selecting the time interval necessary to finalize the transaction. This version separates the booking process in two main steps: “CHOOSE ROUTE/SELECT CAR” and “BOOK”. In the “CHOOSE ROUTE/SELECT CAR” phase you have to select the pick up and drop off points, the number of passengers and the car type which interests you. To choose your car type, press the “BOOK NOW” button from the car item you have chosen. In the “BOOK” phase you have to fill in the passenger details, select the payment method then add payment details if necessary. After completing the required information click the “CONTINUE TO PAYMENT” button. Clicking the button will move you to a page with the timer you have configured from the settings. In that time interval you have to finish your payment.