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Drivers invoices history

Managing the drivers invoice history can be done by accessing the “Invoices & Statements History” option in the “Utilities” sub-menu (fig. 1). The page is structured as a list that displays all the invoices issued by the company. You have filters to refine your search if necessary. There are three different list categories “Driver Invoice”, “Client Invoice” and “Company Invoice” (fig. 2). To access the drivers invoices history, select the “Driver Invoice” category. 

Fig. 2 - Invoices & Statements History categories
INSOFTDEV Dispatch - Invoices and Statements History
Fig. 1 - Invoices & Statements History option

Interact with one particular invoice by using the buttons from the “Actions” column. Hover over the buttons to learn their functionalities. Use the “View” button to see one particular invoice (you can get the same result by double clicking one list item), the “View invoice log” button to see all the actions performed on the input, “Download” and “Delete” which are self-explanatory.