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How to manage invoice templates

Writing manually the same information over and over again can be frustrating sometimes. In order to create an invoice template, you will first have to access the “Notification Templates” option in the “System” sub-menu. The “Notification Templates” page is a list organized in different categories (Email, SMS, POPUP, PDF, CSV, Custom) as you can see in fig. 1. In the EMAIL category, “Booking invoice” is the notification the client receives via email (fig. 2). Every item in each category has two buttons “Preview”  and “Edit”. If you click the “Preview” button, a window will pop-up displaying the invoice (fig. 3).

Fig. 1 - Notification templates categories
Fig. 2 - Notification sent to client by email
Fig. 3 - Invoice preview window

You will notice that currently the client information is covered in two sets of curly braces. In the mail sent to the client, the information encapsulated in the curly braces will be replaced with the actual client information, ergo the content is dynamic and can be moved around the template. If you press the edit button, an area will be revealed on the right part of the page. With minimal programming skills, you can edit and design the template the way you want. You will notice that there are several buttons before the text input. If you press the buttons the curly braced code will be pasted automatically to your text input, so you do not have to write the code by hand. (fig. 4). Do not forget to save your changes made to the template by clicking the “Save” button. 

INSOFTDEV Dispatch Notifications and Invoices templates
Fig. 4 - Template editor

Attached to the email, the client can receive also a PDF file. To interact with that template, you have to click on the “PDF” category in fig. 1. Once you are there, click the “Client invoice” item in the list and edit it according to the instructions presented above.