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INSOFTDEV – Driver app introduction

  INSOFTDEV’s driver application offers drivers a fresh and intuitive interface allowing them to focus on their driving activity without bothering about the complexity of the application they are working on. The whole booking process is handled by the driver in the main page. If you have upcoming jobs for the current day they will be displayed on the main page. You can also receive bookings directly from the Backoffice application case in which a window will pop on the driver’s main page and he will have the option to accept or decline the job. Note that the driver will receive bookings only when he will have the status “I’m available”. Under no circumstances should he receive bookings during the “I’m away” status. 

  After confirming the booking (fig. 1), the booking details will appear on the main page along with a button that describes the booking status. The driver will have to tap the button after reaching each booking status (fig. 2) until you get to the last one which is “FINISH THE JOB”. In the fig. 2, the driver status is “DRIVER AT PICKUP”

  To access he application’s menu, click the hamburger menu on the top-left of the app. The main options inside the application are: 

  • My Profile – Edit your account information or change your password. Make sure you tap the “SAVE” button if you modify any of these information. Moreover, you can change your account picture, add a new car,  top-up your account, add your schedule, view your ratings and see the daily income. 
  • Documents – View and edit the driver’s and car documents.
  • Private Jobs – Create yourself a new job or call a driver at your current location. 
  • Job Offers – View and accept jobs created by the dispatchers, yet unallocated to any driver. 
  • Job History – A page which displays all the previous jobs of the driver.
  • Settings – See the version of your application, choose your navigator (Waze or Google Maps), the application language or change the theme.
  • S.O.S – A driver S.O.S which will be automatically sent to the dispatchers. 
  • Other – Report a technical problem.
  • Logout – The logout button. 
Fig. 1 - Driver Application job offer
Fig. 2 - Driver Application current job